Data security is the single largest concern for all businesses from start-ups to large international organizations. 1 Click can provide a solution that give companies the peace of mind that their information is backed up securely or that replicated servers are ready on standby in the event of an unforeseen disaster on premise.

Virtual Server Replication

DR solutions can be a costly undertaking for any business with redundant servers, connections and locations on standby in the event of a disaster. As well as maintaining your primary location the DR location needs to keep pace as your network grows and evolves.

With 1 Click your servers are replicated over secure links to our datacentre ready for when a DR situation arises. There are no costly DR sites to maintain or any of the other costs associated to a traditional DR solution.

Cloud backup

Files accidentally deleted, corrupt databases or hardware failure are common issues that make backing up your data essential. Many companies backup to storage devices on their premises which means the data remains onsite. In the event of an environmental disaster such as fire or flood, this data can be destroyed.

As with replication we can provide secure links so your data backups reside in the 1 Click Cloud for the required retention period.

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