Hosted Solutions

As Internet Service Providers are capable of providing higher and higher data speeds throughout the UK, hosting internal systems for companies has become a viable option. Hosting part of or your entire network through 1 Click lowers the total cost of ownership for many if not all businesses.

Hosting provides peace of mind that your network is secure with a team of experienced engineers maintaining and upgrading hardware seamlessly to ensure your network is reliable and cost effective.

Website Hosting

Web HostingWith the invention of the Internet, websites for businesses are never more crucial than in today’s world. Our infrastructure provides extremely fast response times and our DNS system spans California, Singapore, Amsterdam, UK and Wales. With easy to manage FTP access and a control panel designed around providing a well thought out navigation menu.

Office Plus 365

Exchange E-MailFor many years, the corporate world has benefited from the unified communication platform referred to as Exchange. Hosted exchange provides this robust and scalable platform to everyone on a cost effective basis. If you are currently running an Exchange server within your business and are looking to move to a hosted solution please ask us about our “dedicated cloud” Exchange service.

Cloud Antivirus

Cloud AntivirusSecurity and system stability is paramount for every businesses computer network. The largest risk to a company’s network are computer viruses and malware resulting in system down time and loss of business.

Spam Filtering

Spam FilteringEmail has transformed the way the world communicates and in turn is open to abuse. Spam emails is an ever increasing, time-wasting problem worldwide.

E-Mail Archiving

E-Mail ArchivingThe use of email is common place for securing orders and sending and receiving confidential communication information. Received and sent email is a very valuable part of a company’s data. Email archiving provides a solution that securely retains your email for a set period of time.

Bespoke Solution

Team1 Click excels in the market place due to our vast in-house knowledge of design and support from small business to large International networks. All our systems are scalable to meet any company’s requirements. If you have a bespoke requirement don’t hesitate to contact us for a sound, reliable and cost effective solution.

“Cost, reliability (it's very easy to under-estimate this alone - every moment that your e-mail or website is inaccessible is potentially denying you an important message or sale), back-up, accessibility, location even. We came to 1Click quite by chance but we have never regretted it.”

Neil Lumby,

“We approached 1Click to provide us with a new infrastructure. They've helped us install a new fast and efficient server, and we plan on moving our full services to them in the future. I highly recommend them not only for their services but their dedication to the customer and their excellent technical support.”

Byron Rees,

“Having used 1 Click Website services for my own company, it didn-t take long for me to use them as a service to my clients. What is clear is the dedication to providing a high quality service, at a highly competitive price.”

James Hoogwerf,
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